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Hair:  Akilah Walker

Years of experience: 4

Expertise: Natural Hair Mantenance & Design


We hope to provide the knowledge required to move you towards resolving your challenges in order to reach your desired  outcome.          

Our Crew

Evoke every man, woman and child with the desire to actively seek knowledge that will inspire, empower and enrich their lives.


You are cordially invited to share your story, your challenges, hopes, aspirations and dreams.                       

Our Vision

Our Mission

Make Up Artist: Jeff Enriquez

Years of experience: 10 

Expertise: Face Sculturing

Host:  Sheba Holly, Ed.D

Years of experience: 15

Expertise: Education/ Mental Health


Our desire is to move you to the point of EXCITEMENT that you are catapulted to your next plateau in life.                      

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Make Up Artist:  BowTie
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Expertise: Face Sculturing

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Expertise: Photo Journalism/Events


All the power to achieve your goals and walk in your life's PURPOSE is already encapsulated within you.