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Bullying in the Work Place

Tackle Depression

SAME Sex Marriage

Womanizing: MANIZING Parenting

Substance Abuse


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Bullying in the Workplace

There are so many forms of bullying that take place around us that they are often overlooked.  Find out the signs of workplace bullying and how to combat it

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Family Fun Less Than $100

Just when you think there is nothing to do!  Right under your nose there is an affordable adventure awaiting your family.  All it takes is a little research!

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Beware of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is occurring all around us.  Find out the signs and how to be pro-active in saving the life of a child victim, women and males that have succumb to this new age form of slavery.

How to Create a Positivity Portfolio

Create a bag of goodness that will lift your spirits whenever you are down.  It's all around you!  All you have to do is think about what makes you feel GREAT!